Inclusive Account Management

Time and time again, customers have come to us with their hosting at one location, domains scattered among separate registrars, their website created from somewhere else, and their email somewhere in the mix.  They’re at a loss on how to proceed, who to call for problems, and how to simplify their situation.

If you enjoy navigating automated phone menus, waiting on hold, or talking to someone different every time you call, then we have some other companies we can recommend.

Problem 1 – Terminology & Interfaces

Customers who try to manage these individual services themselves get overwhelmed by terminology and separate, ever-changing interfaces for each online service they use. Adding to the complexity is the fact that many online services overlap each other or relate to each other in ways only experts understand. This causes a huge amount of wasted time for any business owner or professional who simply want everything to work instead of undertaking the hassles of learning to become their own web services guru.

Problem 2 – Who to Call?

Customers are often unsure who to call regarding questions when their services are scattered among multiple providers. “Is my issue with the domain name registrar, the hosting company, or my website developer?” A tremendous amount of time ends up wasted by:
calling one service after another trying to track who can actually help
waiting on hold
working your way through automated menus
talking to support reps that have no idea who you are or what your project is about

The Solution

At Majestic Imaging, we pride ourselves in having a one-on-one relationship with our clients so that we know who they are, what their projects are about, and therefore can assist better and faster. The majority of our customers have us manage all their web services – domain names, website hosting, email hosting, and ongoing website updates and support. That gives them one number to call and one email to use in order to get results and get them fast. No more being transferred or told “you’ll need to contact the other company”.

In short, we make the online world simpler for our clients so that they can focus on their own professions and customers.

*Majestic Imaging cannot solve issues outside the scope of what we manage, such as ISP issues, general Internet outages, personal router malfunctions, etc.  We can, however, troubleshoot your issue and help determine what may be the cause.

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