Websites on Quicksand

July 11, 2013 Written by Kalin

There’s a reason your neighbor’s high school kid clams he can put together a site on the cheap for you.  But be careful of the deceptive upfront costs compared to the long-term consequences.


There’s an old saying – “pay me now, pay me later”.  The idea is simply that it’s all too often easy to trick ourselves into thinking that too-good-to-be-true, super low starter costs are really a good business move.  The costs later can easily outweigh the immediate, illusory benefits.  Everyone thinks they’re a webmaster now if they know how to install a CMS and a couple plugins.  The new CMS craze, particularly with WordPress, has brought this situation to light more than ever before.  Guess what happens a few months later when the support ends, the site goes down, the site is hacked, or you need a slightly more complex addition, though?  The situation can range from a big nuisance to a huge mess – and we’re seeing it over and over.  Clients often come to us in this predicament, and while we’re usually able to take over projects in their current form, sometimes there’s no practical alternative but to start over with a full end-goal in mind.  While that’s never exactly pleasant, it’s easily avoidable if a project is planned and executed properly from the start.


In the long run, a business will be way ahead to start out with a real web development company – like Majestic Imaging of course.  Even if the site or project is small to begin with, true web developers know what it takes to plan for expansion, know how to implement it, and they’re ready to offer continued support once the site is live instead of simply handing it over and wishing good luck.


For your next project, don’t fall for the common trap.  Invest in your business in the professional manner that you intend on serving your customers with.  They’ll see the difference, and you’ll see the results.