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Visual Communication Major | Graphic Artist | Creative & Design Expert

As a former design company owner, department chair, and design instructor, Mark brings a wealth of experience and industry knowledge to the Majestic Imaging Team. Over the past 30 years Mark, has created or participated on projects that range from small mom and pop start ups to the larger more visible institutions like: USC, UCLA, The Rose Bowl, ARCO , Philips, and 3M.

By today’s standards, that is a client list that most designers could produce, so what is different about Mark? It’s his role as instructor, an incredibly rewarding experience that has contributed to his growth as an artist and a person. Teaching is a profession based on communication; what are you trying to communicate and how do you communicate it in such a way that everyone understands it. It also involves working with individuals, each with their own ideas, their own goals…their own fears. Turns out, not so different than working with a client. No matter what the reason, the person or the project needs to be successful and effective communication is often the difference between success and failure.

"This team of individuals, this collective that is Majestic Imaging, is here for a single reason - your success. For without that we are nothing."

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