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Website Development Services

Your website is the vehicle for your online marketing strategy, so it’s vital for your website to be built according to the latest standards, using the best software to produce results of the highest quality. Majestic Imaging has planned, designed, and developed countless successful websites with varying budgets, helping small, mid-sized and global businesses. We work closely alongside our clients to ensure the end product is exactly what they envisioned. Our close partnerships with our clients have enabled us to provide cost effective website projects with stunning outcomes. The result? Our clients receive a website that is designed, developed, and tailored specifically to their requirements, a formula that results in satisfaction each and every time.

Planning & Strategy

Every website has goals; the common ones being lead generation, branding, sales support or eCommerce. Picking the right strategy for your project depends on your product or service, where you sit in the market, and where you intend to drive your sales from. Through discussions, research and workshops we can reveal the most appropriate web strategy for you and a plan to achieve and execute this strategy.

Design & Creative

It is important that your overall web presence matches your brand and makes a positive statement. A successful website needs a good balance between information provision, call to actions and at the same time adherence to industry best practice and web compliance. Our dedicated web creative and design team will be able to guide you to make the right choices that suit your business or organization.

Programming & Execution

Websites are requiring more and more technical knowhow than ever before.  The Internet landscape is also continuously changing at increasing rates, along with much-needed elements such as SEO requirements.  Our highly experienced team has years of technical skills to ensure your project is executed as correctly as possible from the start.  In addition to years of responsive client relations management, at each step of the way we'll do our best to make sure you stay informed and get the service, answers, and feedback you need in a timely and professional manner. 

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