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Value-Added Website Hosting

There are thousands of web hosts to choose from, so what makes Majestic Imaging stand out?

Closely tied to our Inclusive Account Management mentality, we take an approach with our hosting that is meant to be as simple and convenient for the customer as possible.  For instance, most hosting companies in general will not help with website issues.  Domain registrars often won't help troubleshoot email issues.   (And if they do, they'll need to transfer back and forth between departments until the right person answers.)  If a customer asks a question that is slightly outside the tech rep's scope of assistance, they'll either be transferred or they're out of luck altogether.  All this time the customer is spending their time on hold, waiting for the right department, or explaining over and over to each new tech rep what the issue is.


Our approach is different:


Personal Contacts

We offer one phone number (with no automated menus) and one email address for all a client's web-related issues or questions, whether it's for domains, hosting, email, website technical operations, website content, or simply general consultation and support.  Whatever the issue, our friendly and responsive team will make it a priority to get the problem solved as quickly as possible with minimal hassle to the client.


No Custom Interfaces - Simply Call or Email

We maintain all services and work with all necessary systems in order to take care of client issues without their having to learn how to do it themselves.  Need a new email address setup?  Need a DNS configuration update?  Need a new domain purchased and pointed somewhere?  All a client has to do is send in a request, and we'll take care of it right away or be in contact if further information is needed.  It's that easy.


No Nickel and Diming

We at Majestic Imaging do our best to avoid the nickel-and-dime approach, and focus on customer service and problem solving.  There are times a client needs a quick website fix or they're out of town and need a fast update.  A simple call or email and we'll take care of it right away, often as a courtesy*.


Like Having a Personal Guru Team On Demand

Chances are, at some point there will be web or email questions, concerns, or issues that a client needs overall, experienced support for - and they need it quickly.  This is what we do.

Pricing & Packages

Typical email-only packages to full hosting packages to VPS packages generally range from $10/month to $245/month depending on many factors.  Server specifics and numbers can be confusing, but in all cases the solutions we offer will be inclusive packages that have everything a client's website or business needs, and we always do our best to keep prices competitive.   For a quote, please email or call us: 888-987-9878


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*Quick updates (updates in the <5-10 minute range) are done as a courtesy (meaning no charge) when possible and within reason. 
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