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Examples of Client Benefits and Results

Majestic Imaging customers can expect top-level, timely results on a number of issues. Note that these results are not from our clients learning our interfaces or doing any of the tasks themselves. They are simply from a client calling or emailing and making the request. We take care of the work and report back when it's finished (or to get more information as needed).

There are countless tasks, uses, and conveniences available to our clients.

Here are just a few examples below:

Inclusive Account Management

(includes all examples on this page!)

Client Request:   "I'm on my way to a meeting this afternoon and my homepage says X instead of Y.  Can you change it?"
Result:   If at all possible, we'll make the update right away - in time for the meeting.
Cost:   Updates in the 5-10 minute range are often done as a courtesy.
Client Request:   "I'm not sure how, but I apparently messed up one of my pages and I'm freaking out!"
Result:   As soon as possible, we'll look into the issue and correct it.
Cost:   If we can correct it in a few minutes as is often the case, no charge.
Client Request:   "I'm in the backend of my site but can't find how to edit this part of my page."
Result:   We can either take care of the quick change for you or tell you where to find what you're looking for.
Cost:   In most cases this is a courtesy.  For full training sessions, contact us to discuss.

Value-Added Website Hosting

(also includes all e-mail hosting examples!)

Client Request:   "We need a new database setup for our new project."
Result:   The new database will be setup right away and we'll send the access information to you.
Cost:   None.
Client Request:   "I completely forgot how to login to my site and upload a file.  Can you help?"
Result:   The file can be sent to us to upload, or we can send you the access info and codes.  No searching through page after page of support documents trying to figure it out yourself.
Cost:   None.
Client Request:   "The link to an important file on my site is so long it's too ugly to send to all my clients.  Can it be shortened?"
Result:   We can setup a quick redirect so you can send the short link and it'll automatically connect to the original one.
Cost:   Usually none.

Domain Name Management

Client Request:   "We need this additional domain registered and pointed to our current site."
Result:   The domain will be registered for you and configured as needed.
Cost:   Regular domain charges apply ($15/year in most cases).  Standard domain configurations and changes are done as a courtesy.
Client Request:   "Our specialized setup requres some DNS modifications.  How do we do that?"
Result:   The DNS configurations needed can be sent to us and we'll take care of them as soon as possible.
Cost:   Most DNS updates can be done as a courtesy.
Client Request:   "We need a subdomain setup so we can upload files to a different location."
Result:   The subdomain will be setup and access information will be sent over promptly.
Cost:   Generally none.
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