e-Commerce, Shopping Carts & Online Payments
eCommerce is the website functionality that allows your customers to purchase your products or services 24/7 using an entirely online transaction process. In short, it allows a customer to use a credit card or other online payment method to place an order from your website, whether it’s for a single item or a whole shopping cart worth of items. You, as the business owner, then receive an email containing all the information you need to fulfill the order, and the funds are transferred from the customer to your account automatically by a payment processor. Many eCommerce systems also offer methods for tracking inventory, customer data, and general order information making your entire business operation run more smoothly.

Majestic Imaging is able to help you plan, design, build, and maintain your next eCommerce project, or look for ways to improve the current platform/eCommerce system you are currently using. By understanding your target audience, goals, and budget, we can help you create an online business front that engages your target audience and helps you convert on sales.

View the key elements to consider when starting an eCommerce project.