E-mailer Campaigns

E-mailers, E-blasts & Campaigns
Mailing lists and e-mail campaigs can be a vital part to any overall marketing and promotional campaign.  These setups include a mailing list and one or multiple emails that are sent to the list of recipients.  The recipients receive the custom email in their inbox with any marketing material and/or information you’re trying to promote.  It’s a great way to stay in touch with customers and general interested parties.

Mailing Lists
Majestic Imaging can setup a service to help capture leads on single or multiple webpages on your site.  Visitors can add their email address to your mailing list for use in immediate or future campaigns.

Campaign Management & Tracking
Majestic Imaging can use 3rd party services to help manage not just your mailing list subscribers and un-subscribers, but we can help track a number of statistics including how many emails were opened and even click-through results.

Design, Layout & Content
We can give your emailers a custom touch and add your custom content – whether it’s a one-time need or an ongoing campaign.  Our process, as in all our work, is intended to be as easy for the client as possible.  You provide the request and we provide the results.

Majestic Imaging has a firm anti-spam policy.  These campaigns are intended only for legitimately-acquired recipients.