Custom Programming

Custom Programming & Scripting Services
Have a website task that has to be performed manually on a regular basis?

There’s a good chance it can be automated.

Need a custom change or a feature added to your current website?

We can make your site to work as you want it to.

The first step is to call or email us with your current situation and goals.  We can assess both elements and determine a general overview of how to proceed and try and estimate a ballpark cost.

Specifications & Functions
The second step is to outline all the specifics of your current workflow in regard to your request and goals so that we know every item to be modified and how the end result should function.  Depending on the situation, one seemingly small element can change the entire outlook of a custom scripting project.

Approval & Confirmation
The third step is to make sure all parties are clear on cost, time, implementation methods, and what is to be expected as an end result.  This is a critical step before any full programming work proceeds, particularly on detailed upgrades or complex tasks.

Testing & Implementation… & Testing
The fourth and final step is to do the actual programming and scripting work, all the while doing testing to make sure each aspect functions correctly.  After the project is complete, further rounds of testing are required to make sure all tasks perform reliably as needed and can be signed off on.