Graphic Design – Branding, Logos, Print & Collateral

The first contact between a business and a potential customer is when the customer begins to assess credibility. It could be the moment they are handed a business card or the first impression from the website. Regardless, a business should be confident that all its visual material conveys the right message to customers, and that the message is positive and relevant to the business.

Our team consists of designers from varied backgrounds and training, which make for varied styles and approaches. Whatever the need, if it needs a designer, we can bring it to life.

Logos & Branding

It all starts with the brand. Apart from looking great, a distinct brand identity will stand out in the marketplace. Majestic Imaging can research, conceptualize, design, build and manage your brand, and ensure it is propagated effectively across all media.

Print Material & Collateral

Print may be fading a little in the digital world but for a lot of businesses this tactile medium is still a very crucial form of communication.  Our graphic designers can assist with stationery, promotional flyers & posters, press advertising, newsletters, brochures, catalogues, retail packaging as well as print production.

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