About Majestic Imaging

Majestic Imaging is a web, print, and content development studio.  During our 20+ years of operations,  our work experience has included small businesses, non-profit organizations, medical establishments, manufacturers, government contractors and worldwide corporations.

Additional services include website hosting, domain registrations, videography, video editing, photography, and custom database and web programming.

To make any project be as successful as possible, we also offer specialized copy writing, copy editing, marketing consulting, business\corporate strategy consulting, and specialized Internet marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services.  Our marketing methods can be as broad or as targeted as a project requires, and we can help establish overall goals, marketing strategies, and a strong company/brand identity needed to make each project work best for the client.

We can quote per hour or per project.

Why Majestic Imaging?

When Majestic Imaging first started, our priority was on imagery, animation, and general motion graphics and visuals.  As the Internet world exploded and demand for reliable web services increased, we found ourselves taking on more and more clients needing responsive web gurus and experts.  That demand continues to this day, and although our business name has remained, our list of offerings and services to clients continues to increase as well.