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I think the site looks great. Please send my sincere thanks to Caeden for his diligence and hard work to get us… Read more “Don Szerlip”

Don Szerlip
Adwerx Communications

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Joseph Pena
Pfaffinger Foundation

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Jason Riffe
NHS LA County

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Lori Gay

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Public Relations, Alexander Auerbach & Co.

ALL WORKING!!!  THANK YOU ALL :) :) :) SO… Read more “Ji Park”

Ji Park

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You’re a GENIUS. Thank you SOOOOOO… Read more “Ji Park”

Ji Park

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Pamela Campagna
Blue Sage Consulting

You are such an amazing resource. I have sent your contact info to a couple of other friends… Read more “Jeanetta Gonzales”

Jeanetta Gonzales

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Audrey Arkins
TierZero Communications

This totally makes sense and I appreciate the time it took you to explain! Thank you so… Read more “Jaki Sabourin”

Jaki Sabourin
Engaged at Any Age

Everything has been going well. Thanks for the great… Read more “Jeffrey Goldman”

Jeffrey Goldman
Santa Monica Press

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William Marvin
On Target SEO

“It is always great to work with you and I appreciate having the benefit of you expertise.  The first version of the site was a fantastic investment and I think this one will be even… Read more “Charles King”

Charles King
Pastor, Gateway Baptist Church

Thanks again, Kalin for the extreme… Read more “Lynne W.”

Lynne W.
Hanavan Marketing

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Cesar Villavicencio
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Great job by Kalin and Eva getting the form set up and working out the details in the flow of the… Read more “James Fancher”

James Fancher
Cultural Weekly

I think the site looks great. Please send my sincere thanks to Caeden for his diligence and hard work to get us… Read more “Don Szerlip”

Don Szerlip
Adwerx Communications

I really appreciate the work you and the team is doing and I really enjoy seeing the project take shape. Everything has been impressive so far and I’m looking forward to the next… Read more “Jason Ruttan”

Jason Ruttan
CUGI User Forum

“Love it!  Thanks so much!!!! Wow, that was so… Read more “Dale Gorman”

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Kids’ Community Dental Clinic

I love u!  Thank you for giving me… Read more “Richard Randle”

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Millennium Business Solutions Group, Inc.


MI LLC is adept in crafting captivating and tailored online solutions for non-profit organizations, corporate businesses, niche websites, artist portfolios, and more.  We ensure a unique vision is brought to life with great results for each project.


Account Management

Our team can handle all updates and configurations based on your requests, eliminating the need to navigate complex interfaces or technical jargon, while ensuring your website remains up-to-date and hassle-free.


In our extensive 20+ years in business, Majestic Imaging has proudly served clientele in numerous states and countries. Our experience enables us to understand and cater to the unique needs of our clients, yielding long-lasting partnerships.

And More…

Graphic & General Design

Majestic Imaging has been known for our excellence in delivering top-notch graphic and general design services, ensuring your brand stands out with captivating visuals and remarkable designs that leave a lasting impact.

AI Stock & Art Imagery

We are dedicated to utilizing the best of modern day technology, such as the power of cutting-edge graphic AI technology, revolutionizing design possibilities and delivering stunning visuals that exceed expectations.

Many of Our Clients have been with us for 10, 15, even 20 years!


We Are



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Partnerships & Investment Opportunities

Majestic Imaging is always looking for like minded and forward thinking partners to carve a path into the future of both the digital and physical landscape.